DnD in Big D

We’re a group of seasoned folks who play through published content and then review them in a post-mortem. We also invite other podcasts, content creators, and other Nerd Culture celebrities to play with us on our show.

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Our Story

One day Paul went online to look for a new published adventure for his tabletop group, but he couldn’t find a hands-on review. Everything Paul read was “it’s a fun adventure,” but lacked any detailed information on a playthrough. This gave Paul an idea.

Paul asked Alex “hey man, wanna play DnD?” Alex replied, “sure, but only if I can do cool stuff.” Paul asked Jake, Lenny, and Kitty if they would like to join in to play through then review the published adventure. And that’s how “DnD in Big D” was born.

“Every time we let a DM play as a PC, a d20 gets its wings.”

Paul Zeta Rodriguez

Our focus is to promote the content created by other TTRPG professionals and hobbyists primarily through our podcast. This includes published adventures, accessories, hardware, software, crafts, cosplay design, podcasts, live plays, and many other creative media. Along the way, we’ve made connections with some amazing people. Among them are Dungeon Masters & Game Masters of other podcasts & game designers who hardly get to play as a PC. We saw that as an opportunity to ask them to play with us & promote their own content.

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