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  • BLACKWATER REDUX (coming soon)
    We met a small band of Half Orcs who sold us a damaged Sending Stone.  What you are about to hear is a sample of what we heard being transmitted….((Blackwater […]
  • Wendigo Horror
    There's something awry at the local tavern.  A Goliath adventurer leaves in anger.  What could have possibly scare a toughened adventurer to leave an unfinished quest?  Find out as we […]
  • The Snow Stalkers
    The adventurers are tasked with investigating what happened to a group of guild members who haven't returned in a long time.The Snow Stalkers is an Arcane Library adventure and is […]
  • Goblin Grail Gang: It's Never Been Easier
    Nolan, David, and Doug, the Iconic Moguls of the podcast community known as Good Better Quest return as Special Guest PCs as they play through the "Goblin Grail Gang" written […]
  • Buried Shrine of Luida by OnePageMage
    One Page Mage guest DMs his own published adventure as Alchemist Fire BBQ leads the Bringit Briggins through a quest of WONDERRRRRRRR!!Check out One Page Mage's Patreon for this and […]
  • Dragon's Breath Tavern
    For this episode, we're playing through Dragon's Breath Tavern, by Jeff C Stevens.  It's a level 3-5 adventure and is available at DMs Guild:https://www.dmsguild.com/product/205867/Dragons-Breath-Tavern–AdventureOur Special Guest PC is Brianna Jean, […]
  • A Lone Home 1-Shot Winter Special
    For our Winter Special, the Cast will be playing through "A Lone Home."  This is a homebrewed Christmas adventure based on a family favorite movie during the Holiday Season.Our Special […]
  • That's Not Sanitary! (Happy Jack's Funhouse)
    For this 1-shot, we’re playing through Happy Jack’s Funhouse written by Jeff C. Stephens and Remley Farr.  It’s available on DMs Guild:https://www.dmsguild.com/product/288689/Happy-Jacks-FunhouseThe LEGENDARY Lady, Jordan Sander, returns for this episode
  • Deathless Skies of Cyre – Part 2 (with David Tilstra)
    Continuing the Deathless Skies of Cyre adventure with David Tilstra as our Special Guest PC who leads a band of unlikely heroes through some heavily dystopian landscapes as they hunt […]
  • Deathless Skies of Cyre – Part 1 (with David Tilstra)
    Cade Greenbottle leads a team on a mission to recover a Telturic Synapses for a friend named Naeberos Sarris.Deathless Skies of Cyre is written by Sadie Lowry and Amber Litke.  […]
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