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  • The soldiers have to make their way up the river to the final destination.  To get there, they're gonna need reinforcements from GBQ Company (Good Better Quest) to help them […]
  • The PT boat team has made it to their next destination and is in the middle of negotiating the terms of their beach head.  Hopefully nobody loses their head!!  The […]
  • The troops continue their mission in their PT boat down the river as they search a new location for an outpost.  Easy-peasy, right?  The Mercs of Mischief return for another […]
  • The troops make rank and are headed up the river after their last mission.  This time they're getting some recruits from the Merc of Mischief.  Hopefully their PT Boat will […]
  • The troops are tasked with going up the river once again to find some aid from the locals.  But before they cast off, the troops get to meet their new […]
  • The troops begin pushing forward with their first PT Boat excursion.What happened to the previous scouts?  What awaits them in the trees??What the hell is in the water???Find out as […]
  • ***Content Warning:  This playthrough has MILITARY HUMOR***The majority of the Cast are either veteran status, retired, or active duty.  So we dedicate this playthrough to all of our military listeners.  […]
  • Blackwater Redux is a Christian Eichhorn adventure available at DMs Guild.  It has heavy subject matter and horror elements with inspiration from Heart of Darkness, Apocalypse Now, and Call of […]
  • This audio is the Birthday 1-shot of @dmjwade and her March of Dimes charity event.  They asked us to DM the event for them and we were glad to facilitate […]
  • We met a small band of Half Orcs who sold us a damaged Sending Stone.  What you are about to hear is a sample of what we heard being transmitted….((Blackwater […]
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